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Polichrome orange

Polichrome orange

New on our website B-Choice parties.

The B-Choice in this carpet tile is that each tile has a small stain. We have tried to show the stain in the photo.

These are new carpet tiles in Interface's original packaging. However, there may be times when there are tiles with a weaving flaw or the tiles (if laid in one direction) cannot be installed completely seamlessly. This makes the price even lower than you are used to from us. We therefore recommend that you lay these B-Choice tiles in a checkerboard pattern so that mistakes are not noticed as much as possible.

It is important to know that the B-Choice is not in the dimensions. The tiles are all 100% 50x50cm and will be delivered new in the original Interface packaging.

The Interface Polichrome collection is a modern classic, available in a wide range of colors such as neutral and bright colors and trendy pastel shades. The frisé structure (which feels softer than most other tiles) adds personality to a wide variety of interiors.

This high-quality carpet tile gives a seamless effect for room-wide installation, but also offers extensive possibilities for combining. With Polichrome you create the most colorful interiors for both home and office. These tiles meet all requirements for project purposes project class 33 fire class S1.