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Eco-friendly carpet tiles

Eco-friendly carpet tiles

The latest eco-friendly backing from Interface.

Guided by materials science, we’ve added new thinking and innovative new materials to make backings with a much lower carbon footprint – away from the status quo and toward carbon negative.

First, we added new bio-based materials, and more recycled content to our backings. Then, we measured how these materials influence the carbon footprint. These new materials, measured on a stand-alone basis, are net carbon negative – reducing our carbon footprint.

Introducing our CQuest™ Backings line:
CQuest™Bio is made with a bio-composite, containing bio-based and recycled fillers. These materials, when measured on a standalone basis are net carbon negative.

CQuest™BioX - Coming soon - Our backing that stores the most carbon. It's the same material make-up as CQuest™Bio with a higher concentration of carbon negative materials.

More than 95% of our stock nowadays consists of these environmentally friendly carpet tiles.

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