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The Easy Way to Install Modular Flooring without Glue

At Interface we are always looking for new and smarter solutions.   With over 40 million square metres installed since 2006, TacTiles ®  are the proven glue-free and sustainable way to install Interface modular flooring. The combination of flexibility and great environmental qualities makes TacTiles the perfect fit for our modular flooring. The backings of our tiles hug the floor. TacTiles connect them horizontally, creating a ‘floating floor’ that doesn’t shrink or expand. That’s how we eliminate the need for glue. No damage to the subfloor and no sticky mess during the installation. In short, TacTiles make installing modular flooring easy, quick and clean.

TacTiles facts:

  • 75 x 75 mm clear squares
  • Made of PET (like plastic bottles)
  • Box of 500 TacTiles (weight 1 kg)
  • Replace adhesive during installation
  • No drying or waiting time
  • Contain virtually zero VOCs
  • Cause no damage to the subfloor
  • Leave no residue on carpet tile
  • Resistant to moisture and temperature
  • Make changing and recycling easy
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