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Types of carpet tiles

  • Bouclé carpet tiles
  • Frisé carpet tiles
  • Velour carpet tiles
  • Needle felt carpet tiles

Bouclé looppool carpet tile

With a bouclé loop pile carpet tile, the pile material is formed by pile loops of equal or unequal height. The carpet can be supplied woven or tufted and can consist of natural or synthetic materials. Examples of this are the Heuga 727, Heuga 530, Heuga 580 carpet tiles.

Frisé carpet tile

In the case of frisé carpet tiles, the yarns are overgrown, so that the poles are clearly visible separately and in all directions. Examples of this are the Heuga 731, Heuga 753, Floorscape carpet tiles

Velour carpet tile

With velour carpet tiles, the fibers are very close together and the surface is so beautifully and precisely shaved that the ends of the pile threads can no longer be distinguished separately. Examples of this are the Heuga 725 carpet tiles

Needle felt carpet tile

Needle felt carpet tiles are made using a technique called "needling". In this process, non-woven fabrics are laid on top of each other and interwoven. Needle felt has a very high wear resistance, is available in many qualities and colors in the dimensions 50x50cm or 1x1m. Examples of this are the Superflor, Nyfloor carpet tiles

A selection from our Heuga and Interface collection:

Heuga 493, Heuga 530, Heuga 568, Heuga 565, Heuga 580, Heuga 725, Heuga 727, Heuga 731, Superflor, Duet, Menagerie, Luxury Living, High Rise, Lima, Tonal, New Horizons, Sherbet Fizz, Fresh Flavour, Key Features, Equilibrium, Floorscape, Entropy, Furrows, Transformation, Biosfera, Unity, Unify, Circles, Lima, Le Bistro, Color Collection, Sudden Inspiration, Puzzle Pieces and many other types.

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