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Yuton 101 Arena

Brand: Interface
50 cm x 50 cm
Suitable for
Living room, Bedroom, Hall, Attic, Kitchen, Project (kl33)
Fire class
BFL-S1 (B1, class 33)
Office chairs
Floor heating
Tufted Patterned Structured Loop Pile
100% Solution Dyed Nylon
Color number

If you are interested in a carpet and the price is essentiel, you may be interested in the Yuton Carpet Tiles. Now with the Yuton collection, you can choose from three striking contemporary patterns, all in the same six-color palette. You can mix and match all three patterns in one room to create an exciting, yet coherent, scheme - or perhaps to mark out different zones within a space. All three patterns are non-directional, installation is quicker, and therefore cheaper. And there's a lot of waste. Yuton 101: curves, angular shapes and lines of different widths combine to create depth and interest.

High quality ✓ Easy care ✓ Many colors ✓ Durable ✓ Outlet ✓ Decorative ✓

These carpet tiles are easy to install yourself. All you need is a good Stanley knife and some TacTiles. You can also order these accessories from us.

These tiles meet all the requirements of project class 33 and fire class S1

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