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Interlay ondervloer / Dämmunterlage

Brand: Interface
50 cm x 50 cm
Suitable for
Living room, Bedroom, Hall, Attic, Kitchen, Project (kl33)
Fire class
BFL-S1 (B1, class 33)

Interlay, Interface's insulating underlay for carpet tiles.

In order to guarantee the highest level of acoustic and ergonomic comfort comfort, we offer Interlay CQuestBio SONE: an easy-to-install underlay sound carpet soundproofing that is easy to install, highly resilient and designed for installation under your Interface carpet tiles. Interlay is the underlay solution for carpet tiles that you you need. Measuring 50x50 cm, this product can be used throughout an entire space or just in defined areas to deliver its benefits only where you need them.

CQuestBio carpet underlay

Interlay carpet tile underlay is made from two CQuest™Bio underlays and a layer of felt SONE. This absorbs sound and reduces impact noise and lowers the carbon footprint of your project using recycled and bio-based materials.

Long-lasting under-carpet soundproofing

Easy to install, in addition to the soundproofing and acoustic benefits, this carpet underlay is long-lasting. Even when you decide to change your carpet tile, Interlay underlay doesn't need replacing and can be used indefinitely. So you can enjoy greater comfort and less noise for longer.

Thickness: 4.1 mm

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