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Heuga 727 Sone Lavender

Brand: Interface
50 cm x 50 cm
Suitable for
Living room, Bedroom, Hall, Attic, Kitchen, Extra isolation
Fire class
CFL-S1 (class 33)
Office chairs
Tufted Plain Level Loop Pile
100% Recycled Solution Dyed Nylon
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Heuga 727 carpet tiles with a SONE backing: extra sound-absorbing and in winter extra heat-insulating.
SONE® is a new integrated acoustic backing. SONE has been designed with the user in mind and enhances both the acoustics and comfort of the foot. These tiles are therefore thicker than 9 mm total thickness. SONE offers a sound absorption value of at least αw 0.40 and reduces contact noise for better concentration and communication.

Extra Isolation ,These tiles are therefore thicker than 9 mm total thickness.Extra sound-absorbing and in winter extra heat-insulating. Heuga 727 is a popular loop-pile carpet tile with Graphlex backing, hard-wearing and attractive at an economic price, using 100% BCF nylon. Heuga 727 meets all requirements for heavy contract rating, making it suitable for most commercial installations. With a range of 48 colourways, Heuga 727 can be installed either independently or in combinations which create added interest and texture to flooring installations. Heuga 727 can be laid monolithic or quarter-turn.

High quality ✓ Easy care ✓ Many colors ✓ Durable ✓ Outlet ✓ Decorative ✓

These carpet tiles are easy to install yourself. All you need is a good Stanley knife and some TacTiles. You can also order these accessories from us.

These tiles meet all the requirements of project class 33 and fire class S1.

Read more about the benefits of the extra-insulating Sone carpet tile here.

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