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Visual Code Sales

Visual Code Sales


Now for sale, the Visual Code Planks

the colors Nickel Plain Stitch and Nickel Stichery.

normal price € 6,00 per tile NOW € 5,00 per tile

Visual Code is a collection of ten different patterns inspired by the symbiotic relationship of hi-tech and hitouch, marrying glitch graphics and technicolour circuitry with simple textures that recall plain woven fabrics and rugs.
Stitch Count, Stitchery and Plain Stitch set the groundwork for the collection based on simple textiles in shades of grey. In contrast, Hard Drive and Static Lines scramble colours, mimicking a monitor “glitch”. Bright, bold Circuit Board is like wiring, yet vaguely like an ancient tribal motif. To strike the balance, four black and white textures recall handwoven rugs from another time and place