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Trend Colours: Designing with Green

Trend Colours: Designing with Green

In our new colour news, we take a look at green: a colour that creates powerful emotions. It’s a bold and diverse palette that offers tonal changes to reflect the seasons. With such a variety of shades, this natural energizer has proven effects of evoking feelings of refreshment, peace and security.

Across the interior landscape olive and leafy green are leading the 2021 design palette to bring a grounding serenity to spaces. The green tonal patterns have advanced over time with customers asking requesting yellow based greens (found in our 2012 Urban Retreat collection) to today where the serenity of olive green thrives.

Olive green is not a new colour for interior spaces and can be readily seen in home decoration throughout the centuries. The distressed or older look for interiors often provides a home for olive green but the 2021 updates are mixing this with a more modern aesthetic and furniture. Creating the harmony between work and home is on the agenda of most office based workers so the advance of olive green into the workspace through floors, objects and materials will provide natural accents to balance the aesthetic.

Like using natural shades of green there are often many contributory elements that will collectively enhance the interior and the wellbeing of those within it. From working alongside our customers to create spaces where their people can thrive we know natural light, vegetation, living walls, natural textures and materials and nature views can provide a positive impact.

By looking to nature for inspiration you can truly enhance your pallet and space performance.

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