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Sustainable backing

Sustainable backing

CircuitBac Green is our latest backing innovation for carpet tiles. To offer the best possible environmental performance,

CircuitBac Green uses a mix of bioplastics and mineral filler. The biobased content provides a carbon-negative alternative to existing backing materials, meaning it absorbs more carbon than it emits during its production – bringing us a step closer to our Climate Take Back™ mission.

With CircuitBac Green, the overall carbon footprint of the finished carpet tile is reduced significantly. The total recycled and biobased content for a product using CircuitBac Green can be as high as 87%, depending on the overall design.

CircuitBac Green consists of layers of bioplastic polymers made from natural oils and resins and a recycled limestone filler. The whole backing is reinforced with fibreglass for optimum stability and durability. Like other Interface backings, CircuitBac Green performs to the highest standards – and has the dimensional stability for a glue-free installation using TacTiles®. You can specify it with a wide range of Interface carpet tiles.

Some carpet tiles with an environmentally friendly backing: